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all the news

[August 6, 2002] -From now on, all the mp3's will be available at So whatever happens to our server, you know where to get 'em.
[June 29, 2002] -The new site is up! Download some new heavy stuff from the music section.
[June 28, 2002] -After several drawbacks, Paingrin have succesfully finished the recording of the songs. They will be downloadable from the brand new forthcoming Paingrin homepage in no-time. If you'd like to buy a CD copy of these songs, contact Anssi.
[May 9, 2002] -You can also get to the Paingrin homepage via
[May 1, 2002] -Paingrin has recorded a few songs during the easter, but the vocals ain't ready yet. Stay alert.
[January 13, 2002] - Slight improvements here and there.
[October 3, 2001] - Things will get really heavy for now on since Paingrin has (finally) got a stable rehearsal place at Kauklahti.
[August 15, 2001] - This "news" section and a counter added.
[August 3, 2001] - Paingrin's site sees the light.